Victims of gender-based violence could be women and men, girls or boys. But as it is based on the persistent imbalance of power between men and women, according to United Nation reports, ―women and girls are overwhelmingly affected, are not only at high risk and primary targets for Gender Based Violence but also suffer exacerbated consequences as compared with what men endure.
As a result of gender discrimination and their lower socio-economic status, women have fewer options and fewer resources at their disposal to avoid or escape abusive situations and to seek justice. They also suffer other consequences, including forced and unwanted pregnancies, unsafe abortions and resulting deaths, traumatic fistula, and higher risks of sexually transmitted infections and HIV/AIDs.

GK International Foundation aims to provide a holistic response to the challenge of GBV that would focus on the physical and emotional well being of Victims/ survivors.


To contribute to the improvement of the social and economic well being of at least 10, 000 GBV survivors through education and advocacy; economic empowerment and skills support by 2030.


Create a platform where victims/survivors of GBV can get support for life skills, education and economic empowerment.


Assist Women and Adolescent Girls Lead resilient lives
Target Population10kWomen & Girls
Helping Hands20Volunteers
Servings Area117Zambian Districts & Beyond